Making music..."In Tandem"

A few years back, I was sitting in my living room with my friend Jordan.  We had been out and about in Fort Collins and decided to sit and end the evening with a manhattan.  For some reason we thought why have we never performed together?  Jordan picked up his guitar and the rest is pretty much history.  We started "In Tandem" that evening and it instantly became a passion project for both of us.  The moment that we started singing together I knew how this project should look and feel to our eventual clients.  Many people along the way said we should add a DJ, add percussion, add something that stood out so we could get booked in the corporate world.  I realized very early on that what Jordan and I were selling was OUR lifestyle, OUR friendship, OUR unique styles.  Working with our friend, Tatianna Timmins, our first photo shoot only added to that brand idea.   I've had so many opportunities over the years to shape different projects on stage, in studios, and even in the corporate universe.  This was the first time in years that I was not only behind the scenes but standing there putting my own voice on display as well.  What an amazing feeling to be creative across the board!  I guess you could say "In Tandem" was one of those entertainment projects that reminded me to be true to myself and the story I want to tell. No matter how much we stress about our lists and to-do's, sometimes you might need to take a breath, get on your bike, and have a manhattan to create something truly special.

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Kenneth Moten