collective creativity

We are a collective of artists who love creating.  When we aren’t dreaming up ideas for our clients, we are producing new works for ourselves and our communities.  We love sitting at the table and tackling creative challenges with open, honest, and diverse perspectives, and we sweat the details.



How we work for you

The uniquely branded experiences and systems we design are driven by collective creativity. We approach each project with a focus on collaboration so that together we develop dynamic work that is specific to YOUR narrative, and the details that will exceed your expectations.

Narrative Creative Consulting | Entertainment Production, Creative Strategy, Training & Development | Denver, CO

Kenny Moten | Narrative Creative Consulting | Entertainment Production, Creative Strategy, Training & Development | Denver, CO

Meet Kenny

Kenny Moten is an award-winning vocalist, creative director, and writer who has performed on stages from New York to Los Angeles.  Kenny began his career in the world of musical theater but his true passion lies in working behind the scenes.  After years of performing onstage, Kenny served as the Artistic Director of Midtown Arts Center in Fort Collins, CO.  He then began creating for Snooze A.M. Eatery, developing the design, creation, and implementation of their current training program.  Melding both professional worlds, Kenny then became the Creative Director of Imprint Group, one of Denver’s premier corporate event planning companies.
Kenny believes that creative storytelling unites the human experience.  Whether on stage, at a restaurant, or in an event venue, experiences are defined by the details that shape the story that creates a lasting impression. Kenny continues to work in storytelling with a wide spectrum of organizations and is regarded as a force in the creative community; he was recently presented Denver’s True West Award for creative endeavors, and won an International Special Event award for “Best Theatrical Production”  for his work with Imprint Group on the 2017 Beaux Arts Ball for National Jewish Health.  One of Kenny’s creations, Motones vs Jerseys continues to be produced across the U.S to sold out runs and critical acclaim, having obtained a Colorado Theatre Guild Henry Award nomination for “Best Musical” in 2017. 

When he is not producing innovative new works or sharing his amazing voice on stage, Kenny can be found sipping sensible cocktails outside with his family in Fort Collins, CO or spending time on his yoga mat.  Whatever he is up to, however, Kenny’s true love will always be the dynamic creative collective he began a few years ago: Narrative Creative Consulting.